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G3 Control System - the control panel manufacture, design & installation specialists

G3 Control Systems Limited can design and build an integrated control system to meet your specific needs. 

Drawing on over 40 years’ of industry experience, we offer unrivalled service to support you through every step of your project lifecycle.

We have worked in several industrial and commercial industries including:

  • BMS & HVAC
  • Water & Utilities
  • General Construction
  • Food Processing
  • Processing Plants
  • Chemical
  • Medical Utilities
  • Petrochemical Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Environmental Authority
  • Bio Digestors


We are a control panel builder partner for Eaton.

a male electrician works in a switchboard with an electrical connecting cable

We deliver a fully comprehensive range of control panel design and installation services.


All of our systems are built to ensure optimum control of your plant is achieved, whether controlling complex process automation, large building management systems and smaller HVAC installations we guarantee the same excellent service every time.


At G3 Control Systems we have successfully completed numerous projects; from initial concept, implementation, commissioning and maintenance in often extreme environments across many industries.


At G3  Control Systems our skilled BMS engineers have over 40 years of experience in Trend, Schneider TAC and Tridium. We also have extensive experience in Priva, Honeywell and EasyIO.


We work closely with our partners to build PLC based control panels of all sizes and ranging complexities, from multi-bay to wall or machine-mounted panels.


A soft starter can be installed to reduce the inrush of currents and limit the torque a motor uses. This is achieved is by a slower acceleration to full speed, soft starters are normally used only during startup.


Adjustable speed drives (ASD) or variable-speed drives (VSD) are terms used to describe equipment used to control the speed of a motor. Many processes are required to operate at different speeds for different purposes.


Our Switchboards and Motor control centres  are all Compliant with BS EN 61439 and can be designed and built incorporating a vast array of configurations.


G3CS’s team of fully qualified installation engineers deliver a complete range of installation services and have experience of working on industrial and commercial sites as well as in extreme and high-risk environments.


We are often asked the question why should we have a service and maintenance agreement? Once any control system is installed, it is essential to make provisions for a planned and preventative maintenance procedure.

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Leading products and services for the offshore and onshore industries.

G3 Control Systems is a people business that strives to deliver ground-breaking levels of service, working hand in hand with customers to ensure that the right people deliver the right job, on time, to budget and to the highest quality and safety standards.

Our teams include:

  • Project Managers for all disciplines
  • Electrical Design Engineers
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineers
  • Panel & Switchboard Builders
  • Electrical Installation Engineers
  • Test & Commissioning Engineers
  • Service & Maintenance Engineers

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